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Legally scrape data from the Official Website without violating its Terms of Service using HAR Files.

🚫 This means no wasting time with broken screen scrapers, installing software, getting blocked or overpriced proxies.

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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated May 3, 2024

Scraping the API

If you need to scrape data from, we’ll walk you through our no-code solution that legally extracts data from using a recording of your web traffic instead of scraping the actual website, as to not violate the Terms of Service.

Download Apartments Data

Note that this method will only be useful for scraping a highly targeted set of listings, as you must manually click on each pin on the map to load the details and scrape it.

So please do not expect to be able to quickly scrape 1,000s of listings with this method. You can see our Zillow Scraper or Redfin Scraper which are much better at bulk scraping if you need to do that.

1. Browse Apartment Listings

To get started, head to and enter the city or area you want to scrape the listings from. We suggest being as specific as possible and applying any filters on the map, such as price, type, beds, baths, etc… since we’ll only be able to scrape a small number of results.

Once you only see the results you want to scrape on the map, zoom in as much as you can and then right click somewhere on the page and hit “Inspect” to open up developer tools, which will begin recording the raw data that sends to your web browser.

Open Developer Tools to Record Traffic

Now click on the pin for each listing on the map until you see the details hover over the listing. This will force the API to send over the listing details as you click on each result while we’re recording web traffic.

Keep clicking on as many as you need - while a bit tedious, it is the only way to cleanly load this data without using automation or any other method that would violate their Terms of Service.

Click on Each Listing to Load Details

If you’re curious to see the relevant web traffic, you can go to the “Network” tab in developer tools and type in infoCard in the filter to see the API requests load into your browser as you interact with the map.

2. Export a HAR File

Once you’ve clicked on enough listings and you’re ready to export the data, click the “Network” tab under developer tools and click the down arrow labeled “Export HAR…” to download a HAR file containing all of the details you browsed through.

Then upload that file to the HAR File Web Scraper and look for the group ending in infoCardData as shown below. It will likely not be the first result, so be sure to scroll down and look for it. Click “Parse Group” to combine the results together into a downloadable file.

Click Parse Group

3. Download Apartment Listings

Once the parse finishes, you’ll see the <root> collection that will contain a row for each listing you clicked on. Click “Download CSV” to download this data as a CSV file you can then use for your own private research and analysis.

Download Data

Be sure to de-duplicate the data by the PropertyUrl column in case you accidentally clicked on the same listing twice. The following are other useful columns you’ll see in the data export:

  • Property Name (e.g. Street Address)
  • Listing URL on
  • Property Photo URL
  • Phone Number
  • Apply Now Available?
  • Photo Count
  • City
  • Street Address
  • Sub-Market
  • Latitude & Longitude Coordinates
  • Bed Count
  • Bath Count
  • Rent / Price
  • Datetime Listed (First Available)
  • Square Footage

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