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Unlike screen scrapers, our no-code platform exports data directly from Ahrefs' Official API so you can download extracted data seamlessly. This means no breaking code, getting blocked, overpriced proxies or incorrect data.

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Download Your Ahref Performance Data

If you use Ahrefs, you may be interested in using the Ahrefs API to collect data about your own performance data. Check out the link to their documentation and request builder, where you can see how to query your own account for your own keywords, rankings, competitors etc… You will need to obtain an API key for your account to use the API.

Using the API is pretty straightforward if you’re building custom code, as they even offer example code samples you can use (copy and paste) into your own codebase to get up and running. However, if you’d rather not maintain or invest in your own code if you just want to export CSV files of your own data, then this page can help you out.

The links on this page are to endpoints that we support around the Ahrefs API (you can also add your own endpoints or just reach out to support here for help), and you simply provide your API key and relevant query parameters and our service will query the Ahrefs API on your behalf and parse out the response data into downloadable CSV files you can quickly use and analyze in Excel without maintaining any code of your own.

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