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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 4, 2024

UPC Database API

UPC Database API is a service that crowd sources barcode information, holding a database of over 2,000,000 products. While not as large as nor feature-filled as our Barcode Lookup Scraper, the service is a great free alternative if you’re just getting started.

Scraping the API

While you’re free to use the UPC Database API directly to input a barcode and get back information about the product (if it’s found in their system), you may be a little overwhelmed when trying to figure out how to use an API. This is where our service comes in, as we allow you to query their API with our platform and then immediately download the results into CSV files. This is mostly useful if you have a list of barcodes or product identifiers you need to scrape product information for (like names, descriptions, images, etc…).

You may also have a need to query the API on-demand, e.g. if you’re building a mobile app or service and want to augment the experience by showing product data related to what the user is browsing. For these use cases, you’ll want to query the BarcodeLookup API directly as our service is mainly used for bulk scraping data into standalone files and not meant for on-demand access.

Bulk UPC Lookups

You will most likely want to look up a list of UPCs or product identifiers, in which case you’ll want to use the Product Details - Multiple UPC Product Lookups Workflow so you can enter a list of product identifiers and get back the results into a combined CSV file. This will make it easy if you need to collect the product details for a list of products, truck manifest, etc… and don’t want to maintain your own code to query the product lookup API with.

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⚡️ UPC Database Data API Endpoints

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