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Legally scrape ESPN data from the Official Website without violating its Terms of Service using HAR Files.

🚫 This means no wasting time with broken screen scrapers, installing software, getting blocked or overpriced proxies.

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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 4, 2024

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Legally scrape basic scores and game data from ESPN using a recording of your web traffic as to not violate the ESPN Terms of Service. This is possible using HAR files, which allow you to record your web traffic and then perform a scrape on the recording (as opposed to the actual website), so you can legally extract out the data without being detected or violating Terms.

1. Browse ESPN Games

Head to the ESPN Scoreboard & Sports Browser (or any other section on ESPN with interactive data) and then right click on your browser and hit “Inspect” to open up developer tools. This will record your web traffic to capture the raw data ESPN sends to your browser. Now reload the webpage to re-capture the initial data while recording and browse around to other bits of data you want to scrape.

2. Export & Scrape HAR Files

In your browser’s developer tools, select the “Network” tab and click the down arrow labeled “Export HAR…” to download a HAR file with the ESPN data in it. Upload that to the HAR File Web Scraper, which will parse out the relevant data and let you download it as CSV files.

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