Netflix API & Data Access

Unofficial | 👉 Official Netflix Website: | 👩‍💻 Contributors: steve


These are unofficial Netflix API endpoints useful for scraping public data such as movie & TV show titles available on their catalog. These endpoints are made available for unofficial use and experimentation, such as for security research, use at your own risk!


You’ll need to find your HTTP cookie from a logged in Netflix session on your iOS device. You can launch an interceptable proxy, open up Netflix on your iOS device, and then connect to your proxy to reveal the HTTP cookie.

Rate Limiting

If you want to poll the Netflix endpoints, we don’t suggest exceeding one request per second.

Official API

Netflix used to have an API in 2014 that it has since shut down.

Sample Data

You’ll want to use the JSON response to work with catalog data. Below is an example of the data you can get back for an item in the Netflix catalog:

  "type": "show",
  "title": "Black Mirror",
  "verticalDisplayArt": "",
  "verticalDisplayArtId": "boxshot|AD_10481c80-7375-11e9-a790-12828b20a2f0|en|Xui",
  "isOriginal": true,
  "recapCount": 0,
  "isTrailerTab": true,
  "isAvailableForED": true,
  "isNSRE": false,
  "sparse": false,
  "$type": "leaf"