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GPodder Data Scraping API

API Wrapper Instantly scrape bulk data from GPodder in CSV or JSON format. Download complete, fully paginated results with no coding required.

Get Bulk Data | From The GPodder API | Into Your Project

Scraping GPodder Data

GPodder is a service that allows you to discover new podcasts with a developer-friendly API to scrape public podcasting data from. This is a completely public API, meaning you don’t even need a key to access public data from its directory.

Getting Started

You’ll want to review the GPodder Directory API for endpoints that may interest you. For example, you can browse the tags they offer and then get details about all podcasts tagged with what you’re interested in, and then retreive details about those podcasts.

If you don’t need to access this data on-demand and just need to scrape it once or on a recurring basis for your own research or use, you can use the endpoints on this page to avoid having to write custom code to access the data, especially if you’re looking to read it in CSV format. The endpoints here will access GPodder on your behalf and instantly transform the response into CSV format you can use in a spreadsheet or database.

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