Hulu API & Data Access

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These are unofficial Hulu API endpoints useful for scraping public data such as movie & TV show titles available on their catalog. These endpoints are made available for unofficial use and experimentation, such as for security research, use at your own risk!


You’ll need to log in to get a user_token (using your Hulu email and password), and then pass this user_token to the catalog endpoint to fetch the Hulu data.

Rate Limiting

If you want to poll the Hulu endpoints, we don’t suggest exceeding one request per second.

Official API

Hulu has no known officially supported API.

Sample Data

Below is a sample JSON snippet for a Hulu show. You can also download aggregate results together in CSV format.

  "_type": "series",
  "id": "8cc910fe-b59e-46a5-9966-16c4e0ed208d",
  "href": "",
  "name": "The Act",
  "description": "The Act is a seasonal anthology series that tells startling, stranger-than-fiction true crime stories. Season One follows Gypsy Blanchard (Joey King), a girl trying to escape the toxic relationship she has with her overprotective mother, Dee Dee (Patricia Arquette). Her quest for independence opens a Pandora’s box of secrets, one that ultimately leads to murder.",
  "artwork": {...},
  "reco_info": {...},
  "metrics_info": {...},
  "device_context_failure": false,
  "browse": {...},
  "genre_names": [...],
  "episodes": [...],
  "rating": {...},
  "premiere_date": "2019-03-20T00:00:00Z",
  "restriction_level": "not_rated",
  "exclusivity": "NOT_EXCLUSIVE",
  "is_rolling": false