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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 4, 2024

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If you run a podcast, are thinking about starting one, or just curious in analyzing data around podcasts, then you’ll find the Spotify API very useful for scraping this publicly available from Spotify’s platform. You’ll be able to scrape basic metrics about podcasts in general, and then go deeper into individual podcasts and scrape all of their individual show episodes. But before scraping individual episodes, we need to first cover how to find or build a list of specific podcasts we want to analyze.

Getting Show ID

If you already have a specific podcast in mind (like know the name), and just need to fetch the “Show ID” so you want to see the Podcast Search Results Scraper, which will allow you to enter the specific name of the podcast as a search term and we will return the results in easy-to-download CSV files you can quickly gather the ID for. You can also use the search results approach to find a broad list of podcasts matching your query, e.g. if you don’t already have a specific podcast in mind.

Podcast Episodes

Once you have an individual or list of podcast IDs (or Show IDs), then you can use the Podcast Episodes Scraper to collect the individual episodes for these podcasts. This will help you see how the show progresses over time and get details about specific episodes that may interest you. You should also get back metadata about each podcast episode, similar to the Spotify Track Scraping use cases we support, showing time of publication, popularity, and even a link to preview the audio with an MP3 file.

One little caveat is that you need to provide a target market (e.g. US) when querying for podcast information with the Spotify API. This is not documented when we last tried, but if you omit a target market, then you won’t get back any data.

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