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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 31, 2022

Download Spotify Podcast Episode Data

Spotify is home to a lot of popular podcasts, and using the Spotify API we can scrape details about these podcasts including the catalog of their individual episodes! To do this, you simply need to build a list of podcasts (or “shows” as they’re sometimes called in the Spotify API) that you’re interested in collecting the full episode lists for.

You can do this using the Spotify API Search feature, which allows you to search by keyword for any popular podcast name, genre, guest name, etc… Once you find the results you want to look up the episodes for, take note of the Podcst (or “show”) ID, which we will refer to as “Show ID” which you’ll need to query the Spotify API for individual episodes. This will be a string of letters and numbers you can enter above, and our service will query the Spotify API on your behalf and parse out the response into downloadable CSV files you can import into Excel or your analysis tool of choice.

Each individual request will get a fixed number of episodes back, but odds are you won’t get the full list back on the initial response. You’ll need to look for the pagination parameters on the next page, which will allow you to get the 2nd page, 3rd and so on pages of results so you can download the complete list of podcast episodes. Our workflow service can do this for you automatically and paginate through the results, combining everything into a downloadable CSV file containing all episodes for any podcast hosted on Spotify.