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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 4, 2024

Download Spotify Podcast Data

Spotify is increasingly promoting the podcasts it hosts on its platform, which is great news for anyone interested in analyzing data around podcasts, listenership, and more! Using the Spotify API, we can scrape data about podcasts within Spotify’s catalog from their search results API endpoint.

Query the Spotify API

Using our service, you can provide a search term for a podcast you’re interested in above, and we will query the Spotify API to fetch back details about podcasts matching your search query. You should be able to query by general topics or the name of the podcast, e.g. the Joe Rogan Experience.

The search results should mirror what you get back using the official Spotify App. Be sure that you set the response type to podcasts so you only get podcasts back in the response. Once you get the results, you should see some basic details about each podcast, like name, description, link to artwork, etc…

Scrape Podcast Episodes

If you want to scrape more details about these podcasts, the Spotify API offers other APIs you can use to download details and individual show episodes for podcasts using the Podcast ID you’ll get back in the search results. So if you want to learn more about podcasts in your result set, simply take note of the Podcast IDs and you can use them in other endpoints, like fetching all the episodes for a Podcast.

You’ll want to see the Spotify Podcast Episode Scraper which accepts a Spotify Podcast ID and returns the podcast episodes with details, preview audio links, etc… into a single CSV file.