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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 31, 2022

Scrape Spotify Artists

If you’re interested in scraping artist data from Spotify, this scraper will work with the Official Spotify API search results endpoint. You can enter in the name of a popular artist, or genre, album, etc… and set the response type to artist so the API only returns artists. You can also search by UPC or ISRC numbers if needed.

You can also try searching by album or track name to see if the artists are returned in tracks, and as such you should see the artists in the response data for those items. You will also be able to see collaborations based on artists that appear together on the same track. This data will be returned as a separate collection (one artist per line), so please look for this on the next page if this is what you’re looking to do.

Our service queries the Spotify API on your behalf, passing along your Spotify API Key and will then parse out the response data into downloadable CSV files you can analyze in Excel or upload to your analysis tool of choice.

Once you have a list of artists, you can then use the other scrapers on our Spotify integration to pull their albums and tracks (along with popularity data).