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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 31, 2022

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While physical CD albums are no longer as popular as they once were, they are still relevant ways in which the Spotify catalog organizes tracks and can offer some valuable insights into how artists group together their releases and with which other artists collaborate on an album-by-album basis.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in tracking new releases on Spotify, the only way to do so using the Spotify API is at the album level. There is unfortunately no way to get brand new tracks, since artists release their music in albums and not tracks by themselves (except of course when an artist releases a single, or an album with only one track in it). So if you want to track new releases on Spotify, you will need to do so at the Album level using the corresponding link on this page.

Otherwise, you can use the Spotify API to scrape data about albums using search results. Simply see the search result scraper link on this page, and we’ll walk you through how you can look up albums by keyword search or via product identifiers, like UPC and product codes. This can help if you have a list of SKUs you need to look up the music information for, you can simply run a keyword search using the product barcodes and identifiers with our service (which will query the Spotify API in bulk on your behalf) to download the results as a CSV file you can look up album details for.

You can also use the album tracks scraper we feature if you need to collect the individual tracks for an album after scraping one. Simply take note of the album IDs (this will also work with New Releases, so you can get the recently released tracks), and then feed the Album ID to our Album Tracks Scraper that will query the Spotify API to get track data back.

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