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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 31, 2022

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Tracking trends in the music industry amongst artists, playlists, albums & popularity ultimately comes down to individual tracks. Spotify is one of the largest database for these tracks in the world, featuring well-structured data about the names and artists for individual tracks, as well as metadata like track length and audio features. And furthermore from a marketing perspective, Spotify also makes available the current popularity rating of every track in its catalog, which is a relative measure of how frequently the track is being played in recent weeks compared to all other tracks on Spotify.

Getting this data from the Spotify API is very easy with our service, as you can select from the options above and we will guide you through the process. We will ask for your Spotify API key (which is free and easy to get), in conjunction with your target search query and then extract the data from Spotify’s API on your behalf. This way you’re not relying on unofficial screen scrapers or other sketchy methods that attempt to extract this data from the Spotify website.

If you already know the track names, artists, albums or genre of tracks you want to scrape, you can start with the track search results scraping link above. This will allow you to search by keywords, UPC or product identifier (e.g. if you have some physical discs to sell), and other structured data like artist or album. The endpoint will return back basic information about tracks, and you can feed those individual track IDs to other lookup API endpoints we support, such as getting the audio features.

Another popular use case we see is scraping all of the tracks for a given playlist (usually a very popular playlist). To do this, you simply need to know the playlist ID (or if you have a list of these, we can help you scrape a list as well). Our service will then query the Spotify API on your behalf and extract out all the music tracks for any playlist.

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