SEOmonitor Keyword Ranks - Data API Endpoint

Keyword Ranks by site id, api key, end date and start date.

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✏️ Inputs

Site ID site_id Required

The SEOMonitor Site ID for your site. You can get this using the Sites Endpoint.

E.g. 1234
API Key api_key Required

SEOMonitor API Key available in your Account Settings.

End Date end_date Default today

End of the period to get results for. Accepts formats like YYYY-mm-dd or “now”, “today”, etc…

Start Date start_date Default 1 month ago

Start date in formats such as YYYY-mm-dd or relative terms like “1 week ago”, “3 months ago”, etc…

📝 Notes

Scrape the historical ranks for keywords your users are using to find your website for a specific date range from the Official SEOMonitor API Keyword Rank Endpoint.

You’ll need to provide the Site ID for your website (or your client’s website) and then provide a start and end date. The response will contain the keywords used within the date range of interest as well as the historical rankings that your landing pages appeared in from 1 - 101, with 101 meaning that your website didn’t show on the first 100 results of Google, and was deemed “lost.”

Our service will allow you to download this data as a CSV file (instead of the raw JSON format the API returns), so you can analyze this data in a spreadsheet like Google Sheets without any coding.

Posted by steve on Feb. 7, 2023, 6:30 a.m. 🚩  Report

⚡️ Endpoint

GET{{ site_id }}/{{ start_date }}/{{ end_date }}




{{ api_key }}