BlueCart Walmart Product Data - Data API Endpoint

Walmart Product Data by api key, gtin, category id, delivery type, item id, search query, sort and zipcode.

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✏️ Inputs

API Key api_key Required
E.g. demo
GTIN gtin Optional

GTIN (or UPC) to look up when using the product response data type.

Category ID category_id Optional

Category ID to restrict search to. You will see these in the search responses, but will be separated by _ to signify hierarchy. E.g. if you see 1229749_1988510_6068981 in the search results, 1229749 is the top level category and 6068981 is the “leaf” level category.

E.g. 1229749
Delivery Type delivery_type Optional

If using search, limit the results to this shipping type. Use pickup or available_in_store to only show in-store items. Possible values:

  • pickup
  • delivery_from_store
  • shipping
  • available_in_store
E.g. free_pickup_today
Item ID item_id Optional

Walmart Item ID to look up, use this with the product, offers, or reviews response data type. If you only know the Walmart URL, e.g. then the Item ID will be the number at the end, or 965950033.

E.g. 965950033
Search Query search_query Optional

When the response data type is set to search, provide a search query here.

E.g. highlighter pens
Sort sort Optional

How to sort results. Possible values:

  • best_seller
  • price_high
  • price_low
  • best_match
  • rating_high
  • new
E.g. best_match
Zipcode zipcode Optional

Zipcode to search or lookup products for. Use this for checking local inventory.

E.g. 77001
Response Data response_data Default search

The type of data to return back and “type” of the request. Values can be:

  • search
  • category
  • product
  • offers
  • reviews
Page page Optional

Page number

📝 Notes

Posted by steve on Dec. 6, 2022, 6:30 a.m. 🚩  Report

⚡️ Endpoint

GET{{ api_key }}&type={{ response_data }}&search_term={{ search_query }}&category_id={{ category_id }}&page={{ page }}&sort_by={{ sort }}&delivery_type={{ delivery_type }}&customer_zipcode={{ zipcode }}&gtin={{ gtin }}&item_id={{ item_id }}