⚙️ BlueCart Walmart Category Products - Pagination Workflow Formula By steve

Import this formula to create a new workflow that will work with the category type for “Response Data” so you can scrape a large list of products in a given category.

⚙️  BlueCart Walmart Category Products - Pagination

BlueCart Pagination (Self-Loop) Pagination Limit: Unlimited ➡️ Page

Page number

Page Example: 1

Page number

Response Data Example: search

The type of data to return back and “type” of the request. Values can be:

  • search
  • category
  • product
  • offers
  • reviews
Item ID Example: 965950033

Walmart Item ID to look up, use this with the product, offers, or reviews response data type. If you only know the Walmart URL, e.g. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Arteza-Highlighters-Narrow-Chisel-Tips-6-Assorted-Colors-Set-of-30/965950033 then the Item ID will be the number at the end, or 965950033.

Search Query Example: highlighter pens

When the response data type is set to search, provide a search query here.

Zipcode Example: 77001

Zipcode to search or lookup products for. Use this for checking local inventory.

Delivery Type Example: free_pickup_today

If using search, limit the results to this shipping type. Use pickup or available_in_store to only show in-store items. Possible values:

  • pickup
  • delivery_from_store
  • shipping
  • available_in_store
Sort Example: best_match

How to sort results. Possible values:

  • best_seller
  • price_high
  • price_low
  • best_match
  • rating_high
  • new

GTIN (or UPC) to look up when using the product response data type.

Category ID Example: 1229749

Category ID to restrict search to. You will see these in the search responses, but will be separated by _ to signify hierarchy. E.g. if you see 1229749_1988510_6068981 in the search results, 1229749 is the top level category and 6068981 is the “leaf” level category.


  • Walmart Search Results .category_results
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