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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 31, 2022

Download Walmart Product Data

This scraper allows you to scrape product data using the Bluecart Walmart Product Data API, which supports many different search options and can be a vital tool for anyone in retail arbitrage or general e-commerce. Simply provide your API key above and the next page will present some basic searching options you have.

The easiest way to get started with this endpoint is to use a simple keyword search. E.g. if you’re selling products in a specific niche and want to scrape them (and prices) from Walmart, you can start with a keyword describing your product or category. The results will mirror Walmarts official website, as we assume this is where Bluecart collects its data from. You can see a sample of response data you’ll get from Bluecart’s Search API under the search_results field. Note that just like on the website, search results are just basic results and will not include fields like the full product description, list of images & videos etc… There are ways to scrape those as well using the Bluecart API, but with the product details endpoint.

Our service will query the Bluecart API on your behalf (you’ll need to provide your Bluecart API key), and then parse out the raw JSON from the API response into usable and downloadable CSV collections you can quickly analyze in Excel. We also offer a workflow service that will accept a list of search terms or product identifiers and perform the lookup for all terms provided and combine results together into a single CSV file. This lets you make use of this public Walmart data very quickly without needing to know how to code or maintain your own codebase.