SEOmonitor Competitor Keyword Visibility - Data API Endpoint

Competitor Keyword Visibility by site id, api key, competitors, device, keyword group id, end date and start date.

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✏️ Inputs

Site ID site_id Required

The SEOMonitor Site ID for your site. You can get this using the Sites Endpoint.

E.g. 1234
API Key api_key Required

SEOMonitor API Key available in your Account Settings.

Competitors competitors Optional

Competitor Websites separated by commas.

Device device Optional

Devices to return results for. Use 1 for desktop or 2 for mobile.

E.g. 1
Keyword Group ID group_id Optional

Keyword Group ID from the Keyword Groups Endpoint. Use commas for multiple groups.

E.g. All keywords
End Date end_date Default today

End of the period to get results for. Accepts formats like YYYY-mm-dd or “now”, “today”, etc…

Start Date start_date Default 1 month ago

Start date in formats such as YYYY-mm-dd or relative terms like “1 week ago”, “3 months ago”, etc…

📝 Notes

Compare your visibility score for keywords with your keywords from your competitors. You’ll need to specify your SEOmonitor Site ID as well as the Start and End dates to compare visibility for. Once entered, you can download this data into a single CSV file for easy analysis and to spot trends over time.

Posted by steve on Feb. 7, 2023, 6:30 a.m. 🚩  Report

⚡️ Endpoint

GET{{ site_id }}/{{ start_date }}/{{ end_date }}?group_id={{ group_id }}&competitors={{ competitors }}&device={{ device }}




{{ api_key }}