Rainforest Amazon Product Data - Data API Endpoint

Amazon Product Data by api key, amazon asin, category id, gtin, offer id, search query, seller id and response data.

Get bulk Amazon Product Data data from the Rainforest API | Official API: https://www.rainforestapi.com | 👥  Contributors: steve 🚩  Report

✏️ Inputs

API Key api_key Required

Your Rainforest API Key: https://app.rainforestapi.com/account

E.g. demo
Amazon ASIN asin Optional

Amazon ASIN or product ID to look up.

E.g. B073JYC4XM
Category ID category_id Optional

When using the search response, provide a category to get products for. See here: https://app.rainforestapi.com/categories for the best categories to use.

If you’re trying to scrape an entire category, set the “Response Data” parameter below to category and see the documentation here for more info: https://www.rainforestapi.com/docs/product-data-api/parameters/category

IMPORTANT If you’re using with type search to scrape a big list of categories, you need to use a leaf-node category (e.g. as specific as possible) to support pagination. Try the example value for “OLED Televisions.”

E.g. 6463520011
GTIN gtin Optional

Alternative lookup to ASIN.

E.g. 00012345678905
Offer ID offer_id Optional

Used for getting specific inventory and pricing data for a specific offer.

E.g. SMZ8Mq7H74fGsbVuhX50GZ0aeUvBlQGaPMnUBa2EXTHVPAsi6Lzu+5nn9bEllEy8dq3sL611lf4xD6uoN+OIwMaaI7Ic/WrlQuOWYnKTCcYc92bxqVrAZjrcnAmw3rd1LNkN9lHHy0uKUzE2VB+2SmbrkaqoMLSii94dXGDoyoyzSA2oF7+Zrl/ivdVgWypT
Search Query search_query Optional

If using the search response type, provide a free text search here. If using with a category_id, enter in * as a wildcard to match all products in the category.

E.g. roomba
Seller ID seller_id Optional

Provide a seller ID when using the seller_profile response type.

Response Data response_data Default product

The type of Amazon data to receive back. See more here: https://www.rainforestapi.com/docs/product-data-api/parameters/common

Possible values:

  • product
  • stock_estimation
  • sales_estimation
  • bestsellers
  • search
  • offers
  • reviews
  • review_comments
  • reviewer_profile
  • category
  • also_bought
  • seller_profile
  • seller_feedback
  • seller_products
  • questions
  • question_answers
  • autocomplete
  • author_page
Amazon Domain amazon_domain Optional

Amazon domain to use for product lookups.

Page page Optional

Page number

📝 Notes

Posted by steve on June 29, 2022, 6:31 a.m. 🚩  Report

⚡️ Endpoint

GET https://api.rainforestapi.com/request?api_key={{ api_key }}&type={{ response_data }}&amazon_domain={{ amazon_domain }}&asin={{ asin }}&gtin={{ gtin }}&offer_id={{ offer_id }}&search_term={{ search_query }}&category_id={{ category_id }}&page={{ page }}&seller_id={{ seller_id }}