Google Maps Place Search API & Data Access

API access to Google Maps place search by input, api key, location bias and input type.

Unofficial /maps/api/place/findplacefromtext/json | 👥 Contributors: steve


Input input Required

Text input for what to search for (e.g. name, address, or phone number)

API Key api_key Required

Google Maps application API key. Get a key here.

Location Bias location_bias Optional

Prefer results within a certain location. From the official documentation:

To use a single latitude & longitude, simply enter point:lat,lng

Input Type input_type Default textquery

Can be either textquery or phonenumber, where phone numbers must be international and prefixed by a + sign.


Suggest Edit

Wrapper around the Google Maps Place Search API endpoint.



GET{{api_key}}&input={{input}}&inputtype={{input_type}}&locationbias={{location_bias}} Suggest New Query Parameter