Spotify Authentication Data API

Authentication by base 64 encoded client id and secret.

Get bulk Authentication data from the Spotify API | Official API: | 👥 Contributors: steve


Base 64 Encoded Client ID and Secret base64_client_codes Required


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Use this endpoint to get an API Auth Token you can use with the other Spotify endoints. Follow these easy steps to get a free Spotify API token using your Spotify account.

Create a Spotify Client

Log in to the Official Spotify API using your regular Spotify account and create a new Client ID like this:

Spotify New Client

Take note of your Client ID and Client Secret and copy them to a secure location:

Spotify Client Details

Base64 Encode Credentials

Head over to and paste in your Client ID followed by a : followed by your Client Secret into the second textbox asking for ASCII text:

Base64 Instructions

Copy the first textbox labeled Base64 and save this value.

Get Access Token

Paste the Base64 encoded value into the this endpoint and hit execute. If you did this properly, you’ll see your access_token in the JSON response. Copy this value and you can use it with the other Spotify endoints.


POST Suggest New Query Parameter
Basic {{base64_client_codes}}