⚙️ Spotify User Playlists - Pagination Workflow Formula By steve

Import this workflow to scrape the entire list of a user’s public playlists. E.g. if you want to scrape all of the playlists that Spotify maintains here: https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlists then this workflow will scrape them all via API and let you download a CSV file containing basic information about each playlist. You can then use the playlist id to look up details (including playlist follower count) using the Playlist Details endpoint and workflow.

⚙️  Spotify User Playlists - Pagination

(Auto Increment) ➡️ Pagination Offset

Used for pagination, start with 0, then 50, etc…

  • Spotify Access Token

    Your Spotify Access Token, you can use the Spotify Authentication endpoint to get this. These are valid for only one hour.

  • Username

    Username or User ID


  • Spotify User Playlists .items
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