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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 4, 2024

Scrape trending posts from the TikTok For You page (also known as FYP) using the TikAPI Explore Endpoint. You’ll need to provide your own TikAPI Key and our service will query TikAPI on your behalf, collect the raw JSON response and translate it into downloadable CSV files for easy analysis in Excel or your tool of choice.

You’ll need to have access to TikAPI (free 5 day trial, then $29/mo.), which is a separate fee paid to TikAPI. You can use our service for free to get a feel for how we work with TikAPI, but you’ll likely need a paid TikAPI account to perform any substantial scraping.

This can be a good way to track what the most popular posts are at any given time. You can also set the country parameter to vary the search by country, e.g. if you want to compare the trending posts between different countries.

Monitoring Results

Unfortunately TikAPI doesn’t support pagination for this endpoint, so the most results you’ll get back is 30. The good news though is that these “trending” posts are changing all the time, so if your goal is to collect a lot of trending posts from the For You Page (FYP), you can simply query this endpoint on a daily basis or schedule a workflow with our service to run automatically and collect this data for you.

If you’d like our service to do this for you (periodically query the API endpoint and save results to a file), this is something you can do with our Workflow feature. You would create a workflow and then schedule it to run on a regular basis, where our service would query the API and save the results to downloadable CSV files.