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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 4, 2024

TikTok Music Details Scraping

Scrape TikTok videos and posts that use a piece of music you’re interested in from the Official TikAPI Music Posts Endpoint.

The response data will contain the TikTok posts with the expected data fields found in other TikAPI endpoints. You’ll get the caption, URLs to images, engagement stats & data about the author who posted the post containing the music of interest. This can be useful for finding influencers who post with a particular type of music.

Music ID

You’ll need to provide a Music ID, which is an internal ID that TikTok uses to identify a piece of music. It will be a very long number and you may be able to find it on the official TikTok website. Otherwise, you can get the Music ID from other TikAPI endpoints, e.g. any TikTok Post will contain a reference to its tagged Music ID.

When using this, you want to make sure you’re not using an “Original Audio” Music ID, which just means the post does not contain any song and is just audio that the user provides.

Getting Data

This endpoint will only return a few results per page, so you’ll need to see the pagination options to get more pages back per search. We estimate that TikAPI will return at least a few hundred of the most recent and popular posts per search, so don’t expect to be able to scrape millions of posts all containing the same music.

If you really need this much data for a single song or piece of music, you can try polling this endpoint every day or so, this way you’ll constantly scrape new TikTok posts each day (assuming it’s a recent song with constantly updated content).