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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated July 7, 2022

Using Serp API’s Google Maps Reviews API, you can download the full list of reviews left for any public Google Maps business listing. This is in stark contrast to the limit of 5 reviews per business that the official Google Maps API offers, so we suggest using Serp API if you need to bulk scrape a large list of reviews.

The scraper on this page accepts a “Data ID” that Serp API uses to identify businesses. You’ll need to use the Serp API business search first to generate the Data ID for the business you want to scrape the reviews for. Once provided, then Serp API will return the reviews in JSON format, which our service converts into downloadable CSV files you can quickly use in Excel and related programs for quick and easy analysis.

Each request to Serp API will only return a fixed number of reviews per page, so if you’re scraping a business with a lot of reviews you will need to pay special attention to the pagination parameters we have documented. E.g. to get the next page of results, you will need to pass along another parameter to get page 2, then page 3 and so on. While you’re welcome to do this manually, you will most likely find our workflow service helpful, which can download the entire set of reviews for you automatically and then combine the results into a single CSV file. You can also enter in a list of Data IDs (one per line) and we will gather the reviews for all of the businesses matching these IDs and combine into a single CSV file, which can be helpful if you own a chain of businesses you want to aggregate reviews for, or scrape the reviews of a list of competitors.