Twitter User Tweets (V1) - Data API Endpoint

User Tweets (V1) by bearer token, user id, username and limit.

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✏️ Inputs

Bearer Token access_token Required

Your Twitter app’s Bearer Token for collecting data with. If you don’t have one, see How to Get a Twitter API Key Without Approval or check out Twitter’s docs on Bearer Tokens for more information.

If you get the error client-not-enrolled, then make sure you’re not using a standalone app and try creating a new application with the Add App button under a project and NOT under the standalone section.

User ID user_id Optional

The ID of the user for whom to return results.

E.g. 12345
Username username Optional

The user name of the user to get tweets from.

E.g. noradio
Limit limit Default 200

Limit of results to return, max is 200.

📝 Notes

Scrape Tweets for a given user’s timeline per the Officil Twitter API V1 User Timeline Endpoint.

Note that as of late 2021, the Twitter API V1 is becoming outdated and you’re encouraged to use the newer V2 version of the API. You can see our Twitter User Tweets Scraper page on a detailed article on the types of options you have to scrape all of a user’s Tweets. Please pay attention to the article, as there are a number of options you can take depending on how many Tweets the target user has posted. E.g. if it’s under 3,200 you shouldn’t have a problem, but if more than 3,200 you may need to try a few different approaches depending on your level of Twitter API access.

Posted by steve on Sept. 29, 2022, 6:30 a.m. 🚩  Report

⚡️ Endpoint





Bearer {{access_token}}