Twitter Place Search (V1) - Data API Endpoint

Place Search (V1) by bearer token, latitude, longitude and query.

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✏️ Inputs

Bearer Token access_token Required

Your Twitter app’s Bearer Token for collecting data with. If you don’t have one, see How to Get a Twitter API Key Without Approval or check out Twitter’s docs on Bearer Tokens for more information.

If you get the error client-not-enrolled, then make sure you’re not using a standalone app and try creating a new application with the Add App button under a project and NOT under the standalone section.

Latitude latitude Optional


Longitude longitude Optional


Query query Optional

Free text query

📝 Notes

Scrape for Twitter locations (places that users can geo-tag Tweets to) from the Official Twitter API Places Search Endpoint. You can search by either latitude and longitude or use a free text search.

You probably want to use the coordinate search if you’re interested in finding popular locations in a given area and use the free text approach when searching for a specific location you already know the name of.

Once you have a list of places, you can then look up the Tweets that geo-tag that place using the Twitter API V2 search, but only if you have academic access approval. For whatever reason Twitter wants to prevent people from performing lookups by location unless you are part of an academic institution.

Posted by steve on Sept. 29, 2022, 6:30 a.m. 🚩  Report

⚡️ Endpoint

GET{{ query }}&lat={{latitude}}&long={{longitude}}




Bearer {{access_token}}