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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 6, 2022

Scrape City Coordinates for Any Country

If you’re trying to scrape local businesses from an entire country with Google Maps, you’re going to have a bad time. Even if you try doing this on the official Google Maps website (e.g. type in Bars in the United States), you will not get the full results, as Google is not going to easily hand over its entire database of businesses to you that easily.

The way around this constraint is to instead perform a larger number of smaller, or “micro” searches and combine the results together. The most efficient way to do this for an entire country is to run a search for businesses for each major city in the country. Sure, you won’t get 100% coverage since you’ll miss smaller towns and rural areas, but you can get somewhere over 80% of a country’s local businesses using this method, which requires much less effort.

The scraper here will query the Scale SERP API Locations Endpoint on your behalf and return a list of up to 100 cities ordered by population in descending order with coordinates. You can then copy and paste those coordinate pairs into one of our map scraping workflows to perform a deep crawl. You will need to provide your Scale SERP API Key to use this scraper, but you may be able to see some sample data if you just provide “demo” as your API key, as this is how Scale SERP allows you to try their service out for free.