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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 31, 2022

Download Etsy Product Data

When selling on Etsy, performing product research in advance is vital to make sure there are people out there who actually want to buy the products you’re considering selling. One of the best ways to do this is by scraping data on products already listed on Etsy, allowing you to see what popular stores are selling, and of those products how many have received favorite starts, how long have they been selling (long-selling products are hints of success), prices, reviews and much more!

The links on this page will lead you to a few of the main ways we see users scrape the Etsy API for product data, either by search results (good for broad terms when you’re beginning your research) or scraping all of the product listings for an individual shop you find inspiring. Please see the links above for help with either use case, and the results returned will feature basic information about the products matching your criteria, including name, price, main image URL, and a few other basic pieces of information.

Once you build up a list of products, you may then want to scrape more details about them, e.g. full description, list of image URLs, video URLs, etc… For this, you want to see the Etsy Product Details link, where you can enter in a product listing ID and you’ll get back these details. Our service also offers a workflow version of this scraper, allowing you to enter a list of these product IDs and then get back combined CSV files of all their details. This can be helpful if you want to know as much as possible about a list of items, or if you want to monitor the status of items on an ongoing basis (e.g. to track drops in inventory and attribute those to sales).

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