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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 4, 2024

Download Etsy Shop Reviews

Curious about what people are saying about your competitor Etsy shops? Or maybe you want to track your own reviews. Or perhaps you have several subsidiary Etsy shops you want to keep tabs on the reviews for, but have them all in one place. Whatever your reason, the official Etsy API Shop Reviews Endpoint will let you download the review data that customers leave for any public shop, not just your own.

Querying the Etsy API

Our service (featured on the green box above) will allow you to enter any shop ID as well as your Etsy API Key (free and easy to get), and we will query the Etsy API on your behalf and extract out the response data into an easy-to-download set of CSV file collections. This will allow you to quickly scrape the reviews for any shop and see the results in Excel without needing to know any coding or programming.

You can also use the Etsy Shop Reviews - Pagination Workflow to process a list of shop IDs (either your competitors or own stores), and our service will look up the reviews for each shop while also performing pagination (to get all the reviews for very popular shops), and then combine everything together as a single CSV file you can download.

Why Scrape Etsy Reviews

This review data will help you easily gather and track what people are saying on an ongoing basis, allowing you to act on your own feedback or take advantage of common complaints made on your competitor shops. You’ll be able to see the individual reviews (not just the aggregate data), so you’ll have access to the raw review data text, ratings, user IDs and time stamps. You could even build your own large language model using this free text review data!

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