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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 31, 2022

Performing competitive research on Etsy shops has never been easier, thanks to the Etsy API. Using the Etsy Find Shops API Endpoint, you can provide any keyword or brand name you’re interested in potentially selling and collect back details about the shops, including the number of transactions the shop has made. This allows you to immediately see which shops have been selling well and which ones not so well, which can save you thousands of dollars in selecting the right products to sell.

Check out the official API docs to see what fields are returned, or you can use our service which will query the Etsy API on your behalf (you just need to provide your Etsy API Key), and we will parse out the results into downloadable CSV files you can quickly analyze in Excel. This can work really well if you just want to analyze a list of shops matching a broad query, and perhaps sort them by number of transactions to see which are the top shops, and use those as “inspiration” when it comes to your own product selection.

Another useful field (actually two fields) this endpoint returns is the number of reviews and average rating. These also allow you to see what percentage of sales result in a review, and what the average rating is for the shop. This can help you filter out shops with bad products you may not want to replicate (anything self-assembly for example tends to get a low rating for some strange reason). Poke around using the form above to see what fields you can scrape back and how it may help with your Etsy sales strategy.

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