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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 31, 2022

Download Etsy Shop Listings

If you’re researching products to sell on Etsy, or perhaps just want to download a list of your own products, then this scraper will help you download the complete list of items for sale on any publicly listed Etsy shop. Simply provide the Shop ID (you can find this from other scrapers we offer, or from the URL) and your Etsy API Key, and we will query the Etsy API on your behalf, parsing out the response into easily downloadable CSV files you can import into Excel for easy analysis.

You can learn more about the Etsy Shop Listings API Endpoint and what response data it will return. Some fields of interest would be the price, full description, links to images and videos, as well as other details like fabric used. The API also returns information on inventory available, so you could in theory periodically poll this endpoint for your competitors and track how quickly the inventories drop on a daily basis to see what is selling and what isn’t.

The API also returns a “shop” section for each listing, referencing the Etsy shop that is selling the product. While these will all be the same when querying by the same Shop ID, the data here can be very helpful as it includes the number of transactions the shop as a whole has made. So if the shop only sells a small number of items (or only one), then you can get a very good idea of exactly how much money the shop is making and how these products are selling.