Yelp Businesses Search - Data API Endpoint

Businesses Search by api key, latitude, longitude, attributes, categories, query, location and pagination limit.

Get bulk Businesses Search data from the Yelp API | Official API: | 👥  Contributors: steve 🚩  Report

✏️ Inputs

API Key api_key Required

Use the API key provided here:

Latitude latitude Optional

Latitude to search from

Longitude longitude Optional

Longitude to search from

Attributes attributes Optional

See Yelp’s documentaion - allows you to add additional attributes to filter by.

E.g. hot_and_new,reservation
Categories categories Optional

List of Yelp category identifiers to show businesses from.

E.g. bars,french
Query query Optional

Search term - if not included, will just default to popular categories in the location.

E.g. italian food
Location location Default null

Text of a location to search from (keep the default null if using latitude and longitude instead).

Pagination Limit limit Default 50

Pagination Limit

Pagination Offset offset Default 0

Pagination Offset

Price price Default 1,2,3,4

Pricing levels to filter the search result with: 1 = $, 2 = $$, 3 = $$$, 4 = $$$$. Use commas to include multiple tiers.

📝 Notes

Posted by steve on June 29, 2022, 6:31 a.m. 🚩  Report

⚡️ Endpoint





Bearer {{api_key}}