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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 31, 2022

Download Google Maps Reviews from Scale SERP

This scraper works with the Scale SERP Google Maps Reviews Endpoint and will scrape ALL of the reviews for a specific business listing on Google Maps. This is in contrast to the official Google Maps API, which limits you to only 5 reviews per business!

To use this endpoint, you can review the instructions above and provide a valid Google Maps Place ID (or “Data ID” as Scale SERP calls it). If you need to obtain these, you can use the Scale SERP Google Maps Places Search, which we also have a scraper for, where we will access the API on your behalf (you provide your API key), and return the results as downloadable CSV files you can open in Excel.

Review scraping can be very useful for local businesses looking to monitor their own reviews in a more automated fashion (e.g. do sentiment analysis or look for common words or phrases in the review text). You can also use these endpoints with our scraping service to collect all of the reviews for a competitor sharing the same local market as you, this way you can see what customers are complaining about and do your best to address that need - you can even incorporate it into your own advertising if you’re feeling nasty enough!