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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 27, 2022

Download Google Maps Reviews via Official API

This scraper allows you to fetch up to 5 reviews for any Google Maps business profile using the official Google Maps API. Unfortunately though, the official Google API does not have a dedicated endpoint for scraping reviews, so the only way to collect reviews from their API is through the Google Maps Place Details API Endpoint.

By default, Google will return the five most “relevant” reviews, though they don’t really explain how they determine what is relevant. Perhaps this is calculated using the “usefulness” component and mimics which reviews Google shows on the web first. You can also change the order to show the newest reviews first, so if you really wanted to, you could query the endpoint twice, once for relevant reviews and again for newest reviews to get up to 10 reviews per business if there’s no overlap.

Our service will query the Google Maps API on your behalf and allow you to download the results in CSV format. E.g. if you provide a Place ID, you’ll be able to download a CSV of up to 5 reviews for that business on the next page and open it up in Excel or your analysis tool of choice. We can also process a list of Place IDs, which in practice is the more popular use case as many of our users need to collect reviews for a list of businesses (either franchise locations, competitors, potential clients, etc…).