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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated May 31, 2022

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If you want to spy on your Amazon competitors (or are just doing research), a nice way to collect product data is by the Amazon seller. This will allow you to see what successful sellers are selling, offering insights into which products are most likely working well (otherwise a seller would not bother listing them). This scraper helps you query the Rainforest Seller Products API Endpoint where you simply provide a Seller ID and the API returns a list of products.

You can review the Seller Product Response Data for exactly what fields will be returned, but you can see that you’ll get some basic product information as well as the prices that the sellers are listing the products for. This can also be helpful if you’re analyzing prices on Amazon - e.g. you may not want to sell a product that other sellers are listing as “loss leaders,” where they undercut the price for the purpose of attracting new customers. It’s not a good idea to compete with these sellers since they will always win on price.

If you have a list of sellers you want to scrape the products for, you can use the workflow version of this endpoint, which accepts a list of Seller IDs and will return all of their products combined in a single CSV file you can open in Excel.

If you need help finding the Seller ID, simply see the example value we provide above with the instructions. You should also be able to get this value from the URL of any Amazon seller.