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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 28, 2022

Download YouTube Channel Playlists

Using the official YouTube API, you can scrape the playlists of any YouTube channel for further analysis and aggregation (perhaps you want to make your own “playlist of playlists”). This page offers a wrapper around the YouTube API endpoint, which will accept a YouTube channel ID and return a list of playlists the channel has published, along with some metadata about each playlist like the number of videos.

Note that the response will not contain the individual videos within the playlists. To get these, you can see the YouTube Playlist Videos Scraper, which will accept an ID of the playlist (found in the response on this page), and then return the video list.

Upload Playlist
Every channel has a special “upload” playlist that you can find using this scraper. This playlist is found for every channel and is used internally at YouTube to keep a list of all user uploads. So if you need to scrape all of the videos for a given channel, you want to look for this special playlist and then scrape the videos of it to get all of the public uploads for a channel.