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Scrape YouTube Comments Legally via Official API

Scraping YouTube comments has become a popular pastime for researchers, marketers and product builders, however many of the YouTube comment scrapers out there are simply “doing it wrong” as they are resorting to unofficial “screen scraping” and not using the Official YouTube Data API to properly extract YouTube comments & replies.

YouTube Data API Comment & Replies Scraping

While we don’t want to name any names, if the “bot” you’re using does not explicitly state that it’s collecting data from the YouTube API or ask you for a YouTube API Key (which is free & easy to get), you cannot be sure that you’re collecting complete & accurate data - or that your “bot” will simply stop working once Google begins blocking the bot’s unauthorized activity.

Getting Started

Using the YouTube API for scraping comments is very easy with our platform. Just select one of the options above to begin scraping YouTube comments by either a video or channel of interest. You can easily change your mind later and perform a lot of additional scraping as you need.