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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 27, 2022

Download YouTube Playlist Videos

If you have a YouTube playlist you’d like to collect the videos for, then this YouTube API Endpoint Scraper will do just that. You simply need to provide a Playlist ID, which you can find from other API endpoints listed on our platform, such as from YouTube search results, where you can specify the response type to playlists. You can also scrape the playlists for any channel, including the special “uploads” playlist, which will allow you to scrape all of their publicly uploaded videos.

To use this endpoint, simply paste in the Playlist ID above and then provide your YouTube API token. Our service will query the YouTube API on your behalf, collect the list of videos and then translate the response into downloadable CSV files you begin using immediately - either in Excel or elsewhere.

Each API response will return a fixed number of playlists, so if you’re scraping a very large playlist, you’ll need to perform pagination. You can see the instructions for this after executing the endpoint as well as the worfklow formula which can handle this automatically, allowing you to scrape large lists of playlist videos automatically.