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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated May 7, 2024

Although Home Depot doesn’t offer an official API we can use for scraping product data, we can access the unofficial SerpApi Home Depot Search API which allows us to enter any search term, category, brand name, UPC or SKU and get back search results data with product details, pricing & inventory for any specific store.

Home Depot Search Results Data

We’ll walk through how to access SerpApi with our service (which automatically converts their response JSON into downloadable CSV files) so you can get up and running scraping Home Depot data in seconds.

1. Get a Serp API Key

To use SerpApi, you’ll need to sign up for a free SerpAPI account and you’ll get 100 free searches per month (2,400 Home Depot search results per month) to test the service out. Once you have an account, go to your SerpAPI API Key and copy the value so you can use it with our service:

Serp API Key

2. Run Queries

Using the green box on this page, you can run an initial search on Home Depot. Enter in any search term you would otherwise use on Home Depot’s website to see initial results. We’ll query Serp API on your behalf (using your provided SerpApi key) for Home Depot results and extract out the products into downloadable CSV files.

Query Serp API for Home Depot

3. Download Data

You’ll then see the first 24 results from Home Depot in the results.

Download Home Depot Search Results

If you provide a Store ID (explained next), you’ll get back pricing and inventory information specific to that store.

Store ID

While the API doesn’t require you to provide a specific Home Depot Store ID (as it’s an optional parameter), we highly recommend providing it. This is because if the Store ID is not provided, the API seems to return results from a random store in Maine. So if that store happens to not carry the item you need, you may not get back any results.

You can easily find your local Store ID by going to the Home Depot Website and you’ll see a link to your local store on the upper left part of the website. Click on the link to the store name and you’ll see the 3 or 4 digit store number right next to the name (after the # sign). We suggest using this Store ID for all API calls to ensure you get back accurate product results and also receive accurate pricing and inventory numbers.


You can paginate through all of the results in the search query using the page parameter, which starts at 1. Simply increase the parameter each time by 1 to fetch another 24 product search results from Home Depot. Note that each time you make an additional pagination request, it will count as another search in your SerpApi quota.

If you don’t want to write your own code to handle pagination, you can use our SERP API Home Depot Search - Pagination Workflow to automatically paginate through all of the results and combine everything into a single CSV file you can download. This is useful for scraping a large list of products matching a general search query.

UPC & SKU Bulk Lookups

One undocumented feature of the SerpApi is that you can enter a UPC or SKU as your query, and if a match is found you’ll get back the basic product details including the price and inventory for your local store. So if you have a list of UPCs or SKUs and need to look up product details, you can use the SERP API Home Depot Search - Pagination Workflow to enter in one UPC or SKU per line, and let the workflow run a search one-by-one for each item.

Note that each search will count as one credit from your SerpApi account, so with the free plan you’ll only be able to look up 100 products per month. Note that this workflow will only return the basic search results for the SKU or UPC, which may be enough as it includes the brand name, model number and URL to Home Depot.

If you need to look up more details, you can use the SERP API Home Depot Search -> Product Details Workflow, which will first run a basic search for products and then feed the response Product IDs into the Home Depot Product Lookup endpoint to extract out even more details about each product and combine everything into a single CSV file.