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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated May 7, 2024

Scrape Home Depot Product Details

If you need to monitor pricing & inventory for a specific set of products from Home Depot, you can use the unofficial SerpApi Home Depot Product API to query the API for a specific Home Depot Product ID and Store ID to fetch the details for the product at the specific store, so you can know the inventory and pricing.

Home Depot Product Details

Before you can query the API however, you need to know the internal Home Depot Product ID. This lookup API will not work with other identifier such as UPCs or SKUs directly. You instead need to use the Home Depot Product Search to query the products you’re interested in (you can query this by UPC or SKU) first, then once you have the Product IDs you can use those to look up details on an ongoing basis.

If you already have a list of SKUs or UPCs and want to look up their product details, you can use the SERP API Home Depot Search - Pagination Workflow and enter in each UPC or SKU one per line to query SerpApi one-by-one and combine the results so you can see the basic product details. If a store ID is provided, you’ll also get the price and inventory for those products local to that Home Depot Store.

1. Get a Product ID

If you don’t yet have a list of Home Depot Product IDs to query, you’ll want to use the SerpApi Home Depot Product Search Results Scraper to run a query for the products you’re interested in, then look for the product_id column in the output.

Home Depot Search Results

2. Test Query

Using the green box on this page, you can run an initial search on Home Depot. Enter in the Product ID see initial results. We’ll query Serp API on your behalf (using your provided SerpApi key) for Home Depot results and extract out the product details into downloadable CSV files.

Query the SerpApi Endpoint

The response with all of the relevant fields, such as price and inventory will be in the <root> collection as shown below. You can scroll through the columns to check them out and verify they match what you need first before proceeding to look up more items.

Home Depot Product Details

3. Look Up Bulk Product Details

If you have a list of Product IDs you want to look up the details for, then you’ll want to use our SERP API Home Depot Product Details - Multiple Product IDs Workflow to look up the details in bulk, which will query the SerpApi mentioned above but combine the results into a single CSV file.