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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 31, 2022

Scrape Spotify Playlists

There are a number of ways to scrape data around Spotify Playlists and your strategy will vary depending on if you know the playlists up front or need to discover them. This scraper will query the Official Spotify Search API Endpoint where you can set the response type to playlist and get back playlists in the response data. This way you can search for popular terms and see what the most popular playlists are on Spotify. This can be a great strategy for getting your music promoted, e.g. if you reach out the playlist owners and see if they’d be willing to add your track.

To use this scraper, simply provide your search term and you’ll be asked to provide your Spotify API key (you can get one for free using your Spotify account, just see the instructions on this page). Our service will then query the Spotify API on your behalf and parse out the response into downloadable CSV files you can quickly open in Excel.

If you need to do further analysis on these playlists, say you want to scrape all the tracks, then you’ll want to copy all the IDs of the playlists so you can use them with other Spotify scraping integrations we offer.

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