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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 31, 2022

Download Cryptocurrency Listings Data

Scrape data about current and past (yes, there are a lot of these) cryptocurrencies & coins from the CoinMarketCap Listings API Endpoint. This scraper will accept your CoinMarketCap API key (you can get a free trial) and query their API on your behalf to collect and parse out the response data into downloadable CSV files (compared to raw JSON).

The next page will present you with more advanced options you can use to narrow your search for listings and to specify exactly which fields you’d like back. You can see the example values we provide for more details.

Some popular filters you may want to use are the type filters (e.g. you can limit the response to just coins vs. cryptocurrencies), and how you’d like the results sorted. E.g. if you’re looking to see the latest cryptocurrencies, you can sort by date_added.

This endpoint also supports historical scraping, though you must provide this flag in the API request. This may require an upgraded CoinMarketCap subscription, so be sure to check before querying the historical version. Historical prices should be returned for the individual date provided, which will be closing prices for that date. This is not the best way though to scrape time series data (e.g. for a range of dates) because the endpoint only accepts one date at a time. If you want to scrape a year’s worth of pricing day-by-day for example, you’ll want to see the “chart” scraping endpoint we support.