Reveal Tinder Photo Success Rates

Updated by steve on Oct. 27, 2018.

When Tinder released Smart Photos, a feature that tests your photos to increase matches, they also released an API endpoint with some very interesting data, notably "Success Rate" for each of your photos.

Exactly what successRate represents is a mystery, but one would guess that a higher number means a photo is more successful in being liked. As of this blog post, my main photo featured below has a success rate of 0.04081632653061224:

That's only 4%! Does this mean only 4% of women find this photo attractive enough to swipe right? Possibly.

The response also contains a field called photooptimizerhas_result that is false for my account. This probably means that Tinder hasn't tested all of my photos yet, as I only see the success rate for my first photo. Results may vary with your account.

Curious to see what Tinder has to say about you? Try hitting the Enable Smart Photos endpoint using our Tinder API and look for successRate in the response. Let us know what you find!