Find Unlimited Leads for Your Facebook Ads SMMA

Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 5, 2024

Get New Clients for Your Facebook Ads Agency

If you run a Facebook Ads agency, there’s no better way to generate new clients for your SMMA than to look for people who are already running Facebook Ads. And good news - there’s a centralized database you can use for free to see who’s running Facebook ads in any niche anywhere in the world with the Facebook Ads Library!

Type in any keyword that your SMMA specializes in, like “used car,” and select your target location (e.g. the United States) and you’ll instantly get back a list of 19,000 ads in this case with links to the advertisers’ Facebook Pages for each ad. See for yourself, just visit the Facebook Ads Library and type in any keyword of your ideal client.

Crafting Your Outreach Message

It’s a really bad idea to spam every potential lead with the same message - you’ll get banned very easily this way. Instead, it’s crucial to do a bit of research for each lead you want to reach out to. Ask questions like: do they have a small following on Facebook? Does their website look professional (or even work)? Is their Facebook Ad copy clear and concise? See what you think each potential client could use help with and craft your outreach this way (including specific examples of their content in your message can help a lot) - check out the following video for tips:

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Organizing Outreach with Spreadsheets

If you just want to do a small bit of outreach, you’re probably fine using the tips above and manually scrolling through the Ads Library to build an outreach list. However, if you’re a larger agency or want to do outreach on a broader scale (say with a couple different niches), you may want to collect the advertiser contact information into a spreadsheet so you can split up the research and outreach work to outsourced talent or just keep things more organized for yourself.

A spreadsheet of this advertiser data can also be useful if you want to run it with a mail merge program; you can look up relevant details for each lead in the spreadsheet, augmenting each row with a customized message for that lead so they know you did a bit of research before contacting them.

Scraping the Facebook Ads Library

To get the leads into a spreadsheet, we’ll want to Scrape the Facebook Ads Library so we can have an easier time working with them. Note that each row is an ad in the results with a column for the advertiser’s Facebook Page:

Facebook Ads Library Results

You’ll likely see multiple advertisers here (spanning multiple rows), so you’ll want to de-duplicate this list in Google Sheets or Excel before delving in too deep.

The results will also include some website information, which may be useful in getting in touch with each business (if the business doesn’t have their desired contact information on their Facebook profile for example):

Facebook Advertiser Offer URLs

Just be careful with this data and make sure the websites listed actually align with the advertiser (they’re not linking to another reseller like Amazon for example). This can also be a great way to personalize an outreach message, e.g. say “hey, I noticed your ad’s landing page _____ has the following SEO issues we can fix!”

You’ll also see the ad copy within each row, so you could also include exact headlines of their ads in your outreach to make it very clear they’re not receiving generalized spam.

There are other SEO auditing services you can also use with website URLs from the spreadsheet (e.g. find quick fixes your SMMA can help with) to make your outreach even more useful.

The possibilities are endless once you have this advertiser data in a spreadsheet and organized form, so the sky is the limit as long as your outreach remains relevant and helpful to the person on the other end.