Interceptable Inputs

This documentation is intended for our legacy V1 system and may be outdated.

Interception Tutorial

What you'll need:

  • iOS device connected to Wi-Fi
  • App of interest installed on the iOS device

1. Find variables with the Intercept badge

Below, the api_key variable is interceptable for Home Depot Products.

Target variable

2. Create a worker from the task

On the top right of Home Depot Products, you'll see a button to create a worker for this task if you're logged in. Log in and click it to create a worker.

Create worker

3. Select the "Scrape" tab on your worker

Wait for your worker to create, then click on "Scrape" on the left.

Scrape tab

4. Click "Intercept Variables"

Click on the toggle to turn it on.

Toggle intercept

5. Launch Your Proxy

Click launch proxy if you haven't launched a proxy yet.

Toggle intercept

6. Connect to Your Proxy

Wait a minute or two for the proxy to create, then follow connecting to your proxy for instructions on how to connect to your proxy.

Connect to proxy

7. Use the app on your phone

In this example, we'd open up Home Depot on our phone and navigate to perform the action this worker is set to intercept (fetching products). So here we'd simply browse products using the Home Depot app while it's connected to our proxy.

While you use your phone, intercepted variables will show up right below in real-time (scroll down a little). Once you see your variable's value, you are done and can disconnect from your proxy.