This documentation is intended for our legacy V1 system and may be outdated.


  • Name: A short name for the task, defining what it does or the data it collects
  • Description: A short description of what the task does
  • Slug: Unique case-insensitive string to provide the app with a friendly URL
  • Visibility: Tasks may be private to their maintainers or publicly listed in the app directory
  • App: Every task must belong to an app
  • Method: HTTP method used to execute the task
  • SSL: Whether to use HTTPS or HTTP
  • Host: Host domain for the request
  • Port: Port to use
  • Path: URL path
  • Body: Body text to send
  • Format: Expected response format (either JSON or RSS)


Tasks are merely definitions of how to request and process data, in which workers actually perform the execution and processing. When a task is run, its inputs determine the specifics of the exact request issued and the response is parsed into collection results, also defined at the task level.

Task Overview