This documentation is intended for our legacy V1 system and may be outdated.


  • Name: The name of the company, app or service behind the desired integration
  • Description: A short description of what data interactions are possible with the app
  • Website: Full URL of the app provider's official website
  • Slug: Unique case-insensitive string to provide the app with a friendly URL
  • Icon: Icon or logo to represent the app, must be legal to re-publish under "fair use"
  • Visibility: Apps may be private to their maintainers or publicly listed in the app directory


Each app must have one or more maintainers who are responsible for keeping the definition up-to-date and assigning other maintainers to the app.

Tasks & Workflows

Once an app is defined, we may build out tasks, which are atomic units of work assigned to exactly one app. Furthermore, multiple tasks (from the same app or different apps) may be wired together to compose a workflow.

Platform Overview