This documentation is intended for our legacy V1 system and may be outdated.

Export Results

Download scraped content from your account.

GET /api/v1/export

Query Parameters

  • format (json, csv, rss or html)
  • workerId (optional)
  • offset (optional, default: 0)
  • limit (optional, default: 10)
  • taskCollectionId (optional)

Run Worker

Execute a worker on your account.

POST /api/v1/workers/:id/runs

Request Body JSON

  • inputs (optional, default: {})
  • saveResults (optional, default: true)

List Proxies

List active proxies.

GET /api/v1/proxies

Launch Proxies

Launch a new proxy.

POST /api/v1/proxies

Request Body JSON

  • isInterceptable (optional, default: false)

Terminate Proxies

Terminate an existing proxy.

DELETE /api/v1/proxies/:id