SEOmonitor Content Performance - Data API Endpoint

Content Performance by site id, api key, offset, end date and start date.

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✏️ Inputs

Site ID site_id Required

The SEOMonitor Site ID for your site. You can get this using the Sites Endpoint.

E.g. 1234
API Key api_key Required

SEOMonitor API Key available in your Account Settings.

Offset offset Optional

Increments of 1,000 to paginate. E.g. enter “1000” to get the next set.

E.g. 1000
End Date end_date Default today

End of the period to get results for. Accepts formats like YYYY-mm-dd or “now”, “today”, etc…

Start Date start_date Default 1 month ago

Start date in formats such as YYYY-mm-dd or relative terms like “1 week ago”, “3 months ago”, etc…

📝 Notes

Scrape content performance data about your own site from the Official SEOmonitor API Content Performance Endpoint.

Based on the date range provided (or relative date range, e.g. up to 1 week ago), you’ll get back information on your landing pages and social media performance. You can see a sample of the response data schema below:

Content {
id (integer, optional),
date (string, optional),
title (string, optional),
article_url (string, optional),
source (string, optional),
visits (integer, optional),
conversions (integer, optional),
conversions_value (integer, optional),
transactions (integer, optional),
transactions_value (integer, optional),
social (inline_model_0, optional),
landing_pages (Array[LandingPage], optional)
inline_model_0 {
total (integer, optional),
facebook (integer, optional),
twitter (integer, optional),
google_plus (integer, optional),
linkedin (integer, optional),
pinterest (integer, optional)
LandingPage {
url (string, optional),
search_volume (integer, optional),
visibility_score (integer, optional),
visibility_score_change (integer, optional),
keywords (Array[Keyword], optional)
Keyword {
id (integer, optional),
avg_search_volume (integer, optional),
name (string, optional),
rank (integer, optional),
rank_change (integer, optional)
Posted by steve on Feb. 7, 2023, 6:30 a.m. 🚩  Report

⚡️ Endpoint

GET{{ site_id }}/{{ start_date }}/{{ end_date }}?offset={{ offset }}




{{ api_key }}